Protected: The Day Feminism Broke Apart

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Your Voice is Waiting for You

Your voice is waiting for you. A few weeks ago I was playing chase and tickle with my daughters. I was ‘it’ so I ran after them as they leapt away – laughing, dodging and ducking to get as far away from my grasp as possible. My kids are exceptionally good at getting past myContinue Reading

Pair Up, Sisters

  I want to take a moment in the wake of this latest email scandal to focus on something we are not talking about – Hillary & Huma. When have we ever seen two women, at this level of power, riding together like we’re watching a politicized version of Set It Off? A white womanContinue Reading

Putting Words Around the Chaos and Heartbreak

  I’ve kept quiet on this page around the election for several reasons, including my exhaustion at the immediate accusations and hatred that fly the moment either candidate’s name is mentioned. I have my point of view and will vote for the candidate I respect. That is not what this post is about. This postContinue Reading

6 Ways to Guarantee That You Are at the Bottom of Everyone’s List, Including Your Own

  Working with women has been one of the most sacred, difficult, enlightening experiences of my life. You see, in those quiet conversations, in the sacred spaces women have allowed me to enter, I’ve had the honor of sitting in observation of belief systems. In observation of the bad habits and patterns that morph usContinue Reading

Imitation is NOT the greatest form of flattery…

Imitation is NOT the greatest form of flattery. In business, it sucks. I’ve seen a serious and unacceptable uptick in the number of entrepreneurs who think it’s ok to copy, plagiarize, straight up steal from others in the cut throat world of online business.  Somehow, some of us have come to believe that it’s okContinue Reading

Oh, How I Loved Talking with Lane Kennedy

Lane Kennedy is what I would describe as delightful. This interview was really fun and tapped into some perspective on life & business as a mom that I haven’t discussed out loud in a while.  Listen in here. Continue Reading

Own the Power of Your Voice

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Emerging Women Live 2014

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{Q&A} Confident expression when you are the only woman or person of color in the room?

The answer to your questions! Brief, to the point and sometimes, off the cuff.  (Although for this one, I broke my 5 minute rule.) Here we go! Question How do you express yourself with confidence when you are the only woman, or person of color in the room?   Your answer is here.    Continue Reading