I believe that anybody can be taught to be a better communicator and I know that communication shapes everything that matters.


A 1 day confidence, clarity, communication + strategy workshop for entrepreneurs who want to build teams they love (who love them right back).

Dear clever, creative entrepreneur,

I know you.

You have grand plans.  You want to do beautiful work in the world and build a business that supports a life you love.  You’re smart, driven, talented and your hard work is paying off. Opportunities are popping up all around you and your business is taking on a life of it’s own.

You can no longer do it all alone. The time has come to expand.  To hire an extra set of hands.

Expanding your team can be one of the best growth decisions you make in your business. And having help – a virtual assistant, a full time employee or a team – should make things so much easier, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Learning to manage the “people” in your business – from hiring to firing to everything in between – is hard. In fact learning to supervise through trial & error is the #1 cause of stress and overwhelm for people who manage others (thanks for the stat, Wynhurst Group).

Stress and overwhelm should not be a part of a business that supports a lifestyle you love. And I am so tired of seeing brilliant business owners, like you, struggle and worry while making costly, avoidable mistakes.  Mistakes that impact your money, time, reputation and sanity.

Yes, your sanity!

Does any of this sound familiar?

:: You’ve hired an assistant but find yourself doing as much, if not more work than you did on your own

:: You assign work only to find yourself having awkward, confusing conversations about due dates, quality and completion

:: The cost of your team is greater than the value they bring to your business

:: You’re losing sleep because you’re not sure you can trust your people with your brand, customers, credit card, email account, _____________ (fill in the blank, you get the picture)

:: You’re too busy to use the help you’ve hired

:: You hire people who are “just like you” only to realize that as wonderful as you are, one of you is enough for your business

:: You just don’t like being a boss

The shift from solopreneur to boss is a tremendous one.  Once upon a time, you simply worked the way you wanted to, when you wanted to and relied on no one.

Things are different now.  You must learn to hire, delegate, inspire. To LEAD. To MANAGE. And it is an amazing opportunity!

Imagine what would be possible for your business if ::

:: You had the help you really need

:: Your had a team that was easy to work with, loved your business and made you feel completely supported and energized

:: You knew how to maintain control without alienating others or stressing yourself out

:: You could work on the things that bring out the best in you, the things that you love – and delegate the rest

:: Your team respected you as a leader

:: You could build a team that has your back and is inspired to help you do magnificent work in the world

Well, it is possible! And that’s why I created Moxie :: for bosses, to share with you everything I’ve learned in over a decade of working with people like you.  It’s a 1 day confidence, clarity, communication + strategy workshop for entrepreneurs that covers all you need to know build – and manage – a team you love (who loves you right back)

Spend 1 incredibly focused day with me and I’ll teach you how to ::

:: hire the perfect team. One that compliments you, is strong where you are weak, understands you, loves your business AND is pleasure to work with

:: make Delegation easy + effective – free of confusion, delay, unclear expectations and miscommunication

:: get 100% certain about the type of leader you want to be and the type of leader your business needs

:: turn your business-related weaknesses from mysterious detriments to strategic tools for growth and development

:: motivate your employees to do their best work

:: have the courage and know-how to nip employee problems in the bud and manage the big problems gracefully


Here’s what we’ll cover::

Foundational Pre-work ::

Work Style + Personality Assessment.

You’ll receive a 20 page report that

–>  outlines your behavioral and work style

–> illuminates your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and problem solver

–> uncovers how you manage stress

–> simplifies how to decide who you want on your team and how they can best support you

–> gives you insight on how to understand the work styles of those who work with and for you


::  You’ll also lay the groundwork for delegation and workflow management by completing Boss Clarity worksheets to finally and accurately track the activities and tasks that must be done for your business or project to run smoothly



Day 1 – [4 hours]

:: You are who you are so who should you hire?

–> get crystal clear about your behavioral and work style – the good + the not so good

–> build the team you need and enjoy working with


:: Courage, like a boss.

–> Confidence 101 – learn to take control and feel good about it

–> Boss Lady Manifesto – define your rules of leadership


:: Communicate, like a Leader

–> Conversations to start off (or start over) strong


:: The Art of Delegation

–> Knowing what to delegate is strategy, knowing HOW to delegate is management. We’ll cover both.


:: Managing your Team 

–> Simple tools to master motivation + feedback, the two things you need to do best and most often


:: All Bad Things Must Come to an End

–>  Steps to terminate work relationships without delay, confusion or feeling like a jerk

At the end of our time together – you will be confident and clear about what leading a team means for you.  You’ll understand and embrace you superpowers and shine a light into the dark corners where your weaknesses are hiding.  You’ll know who your dream employee is and how to find her in a crowd.  You’ll know how to breathe new life into your business by building relationships and managing your team the right way.  I’m already excited for you!

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Questions + Answers

– why work with me?

I’m glad you asked.  I’ve been working with business leaders for 12 years and have spent 19 years developing an expertise in communication, negotiations and conflict resolution.  I’ve seen what happens when relationships in business go wrong and I’ve helped countless leaders get their stuff together, become better communicators and embrace their boss moxie. This is in my wheelhouse and I’m proud to claim it. Here’s a little more about me and my shiny credentials –> www.wokienwabueze.com/about

– what if i haven’t hired anyone yet?

Moxie :: for bosses is perfect for anyone who has or plans to hire anyone in their business.  If you haven’t hired anyone yet, think of this as getting off to the right start.  If you have staff in place already, this course will help you shift in the right direction.  You see, managing people is about feeling confident, communicating correctly, understanding what makes people tick and having clear plan. If you hire people, you have to do it right.  It’s ok to start wherever you are, as long as you start.

– what if i can’t stay the whole day?

My suggestion would be that you attend live and let this class be your focus for the time we are together.  Of course, everything will be recorded but my TRUE GENIUS shows up live – when I can answer questions, dig deep with you to uncover what’s there and strategize on the spot.  If you think you’ll have questions, you’ll want to take advantage of the real time work.

– how will the information be delivered?

Lots of ways 🙂 There will be PDFs, phone chats, webinars and we’ll all connect on Facebook.

– how long will i have to complete the pre-work?

The assessment questionnaire will take you about 30 minutes to complete and MUST be turned in 10 days before class.  I need to study my people in advance to make the class as valuable as possible.

– there’s so much going on in my business. i don’t have time.

Yes, time. It is a valuable commodity.  But what is it costing you to not address this issue in your business?  Time costs money. People cost money.  For the small business owner, the headaches, inefficiency, and wasteful spending that comes with disengaged, confused or incompetent employees has a HIGH price. What has it already cost you to hire that person who didn’t work out or to continue to tell yourself that you “should hire” some help but not do it because you don’t know how?  What balls have been dropped? What opportunities have been lost?  How much time do you spend doing tasks that should be delegated to someone else? If the time needed for this course costs you less than not having the right support relationships in your business, then, well, you know what I’m going to say 🙂

– is 1.5 days enough?

Good question.  This course will lay the foundation you need to make the right decisions when hiring and managing your team.  It will also illuminate who you are in the ways that matter when you run a business. Finally we’ll cover what you need to know and think about to course correct if you have people on your team who are not fulfilling your dreams.  Now, there are employment problems that require a little more attention than we will cover in the course.  If you need help figuring out if the Moxie :: for bosses is right for you, drop me a line here hello@wokienwabueze.com and check out The Talk. It might be more in line with what you need.

– why do you use the word Moxie so much?

Well, it sort of looks like my name (don’t you think?) and that made me happy as a kid so I got attached to the word. And Moxie means courage + know-how and I think that’s sum total of what you need to be successful at anything.


I stand 100% behind my offerings and know that this course will be a game changer for anyone looking to be a better leader and boss on their business. However, because of the nature of the course delivery, including the assessment tools involved, I will not be offering refunds.  You should feel comfortable with your decision to sign up so please, please ask me any and everything you need to so that you can be sure this is for you.