Crash Course in Courage – Getting the support you need 2015 (Copy)

Crash Course in Courage – Asking for and Getting the Support You Need

Being in business is amazing.  It is also confronting and hard.  I understand the vulnerability that comes along with marketing yourself and your work.  I understand the sleepless nights worrying about money.  The exhaustion that comes from juggling it all.

And I know that it is lonely, even if you are not alone.

While being an entrepreneur triggers so much in you, you can bet that it triggers as much in those around us.

Most people do not understand the life of an entrepreneur.  They don’t relate to the shifts, the demands, our constant new ideas and our willingness to work for endless hours until our vision comes to life – even when we’re not getting paid for it. Yet.

The problem is that we don’t know how to talk about our needs effectively.  So we hide. We cope. We swallow resentment. We go it alone.

I’ve seen too many women struggle to maintain their relationships while building their businesses.

Too many women run themselves into the ground because they do not know how to, or feel they can’t, ask for help from the people closest to them.

So many women are hiding their dreams and their gifts because they don’t believe their business dreams will be accepted or understood by their families.

It’s time to stop doing this the hard way.

My gift is helping women renew their self-image, overcome fear, embrace visibility and captivate through expression. In other words, I help women say what needs to be said.

On April 7th at 2pm EST, I will be hosting a free webinar, affectionately called:

CRASH COURSE IN COURAGE – How to Ask For & Get the Support You Need

After our time together, you will…

  • understand why your business causes discomfort and tension in your relationships
  • discover hot NOT to argue about, give in or avoid discussing all things related to our needs
  • have new and effective strategies for empowered conversations about your business with your partner, family and friends
  • become part of a supportive and important conversation

Special time will be reserved time for Q&A so you can ask me your burning questions about relationships, conflict and getting your needs met.

This is event is free because I believe that conversation and relationships make the world go ’round.

Your gifts and business can change lives and elevate the human experience.

Let’s make it happen.

The Webinar is over. 


photoI am recovered shy girl, and the founder of The Courage to be Seen & Heard™ Community and Women Prepared to Lead™.  I’ve been called a secret weapon for quiet women.  My work in the world is to help women reclaim their voices.  My mission is that no woman fall short of her potential for success because her voice has been quieted.  I teach women how to speak without fear, embrace visibility and develop the communication skills, confidence and presence necessary for success in business and life. {Read more about me and my shiny credentials here}