Dousing Burning Bridges + Avoiding Avoiding

So in the interest of new things – new resolutions,new beginnings – this post is the unofficial kickoff of Good Habits exercise. I believe that big changes begin with small steps, so, I invite you to accept the challenge, task, mind-shift at hand, so that over the course of the months ahead, you can move towards owning the power of your voice, and ultimately, changing your life. You in? Ok, here we go.


Good Habit NUMBER ONE – Dousing Burning Bridges + Avoiding Avoiding

(read on, this makes perfect sense)

How many incomplete conversations, lack of follow through, unanswered requests and sloppy endings are in your closet? Well, we’re going to start off right by clearing a space in our minds, hearts and Karma catalogs for new beginnings. Now, I realize that this is a big deal, a not so “101” way to start things off, but believe me, you will not regret it. The amount of unconscious energy that you are pouring into guilt, embarrassment and hiding is much better used elsewhere. Believe, I know. There have been flames a plenty burning in my rear view mirror. Reluctant communicators are experts at racking in up a lifetime’s worth of unsaids. So here’s the work:

  • Sit down (yes, your stomach will hurt) prepared to be honest. Breathe.
  • Complete your list of unsaids – burnt bridges, incomplete conversations, outstanding apologies, absent RSVPs – the things you’ve regrettably avoided. Write it ALL down.
  • Read your list. Take it in. Note how you feel down how you feel in a written or audio journal.
  • Repeat until you have it all down on paper.

This is called Clearing. But it’s only part one. Yay you for taking steps to close the loops, douse the bridges and come out of hiding. I’ll say it again, you won’t regret this, not at all.

Want more?  Join me and women like you in the Courage to be Seen & Heard Community.



Image credit :: Michelle Shaffner

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4 Responses to Dousing Burning Bridges + Avoiding Avoiding

  1. Ayanna McKay says:

    Wokie, I love your website! And what you’re doing – the services you provide are fantastic! I wish you much success! This post was just what I needed right now. I’ve been making the list in my head. Will write it all down, and look forward to your next post . . .

  2. Shawn says:

    I love the way you took the reader through the exercise of letting go or clearing. I am coming to a time in my life that it is easier to let and and start making some changes. Your words helped me to continue to do that.

  3. Nicole Bandes says:

    This is a great exercise on many levels. Always important to write freely without fear of what the other person may say or think. Thanks for this reminder.

  4. Meli says:

    Great post. It’s necessary to clear out in order for us to allow new things to enter.

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