I believe that anybody can be taught to be a better communicator and I know that communication shapes everything that matters.


The One Day Intensive

Get the clarity and action you need to take a major step with your message.

This one day intensive is perfect for you if you have ONE thing that you want to practice or work on during our time together.

Some examples of projects we can focus on in our time together:

  • Preparing for a large work presentation.
  • Strategizing for a year of marketing interviews.
  • Laying out your plan for leading your team.
  • Prepping email scripts that will make building relationships easy.
  • Pitching yourself to a major media outlet.
  • Crafting a challenging conversation or script.
  • Picking an ideal platform for your business.
  • Brainstorming webinar and seminar ideas to build your community.
  • Finding a sales conversation strategy that feels authentic to you.
  • Creating a plan of action to start networking or asking someone to collaborate.

This intensive is not your standard VIP day.

Instead of luxuriating, we’ll be working HARD on your vision to get you and your career or business where you want it to be. We will still cover some of the deep work that needs addressing, and we’ll do it swiftly, so you can move forward and take action immediately.

This is a full 5-hour day where we work hard, stay focused, and break only when we need to. I will be 100% committed to making sure that you walk away with exactly what you need, and we will touch on all three primary phases throughout the process to bring your voice to the forefront.

Is the Declaration Day right for you?

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