Come in. Sit. Read. Stay a while.

Hi there and welcome to my blog! This my first post in my new digital space and I am excited to be here with you.

So to start things off right, here are my personal blogging rules:

  • I will keep things short and sweet, unless I have something long and complicated and perhaps not so sweet to share.
  • I will post often, or not so often, but at least monthly (see below).
  • Blogging is my way of sharing thoughts that come in the middle of the night, while washing dishes or driving – in other words, the gems of genius that appear out of nowhere. It is a way to connect you to good things and people. It is a way to connect with you so that I can be of service, the whole point of this thing.
  • I will be me, always.

That’s it!

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2 Responses to Come in. Sit. Read. Stay a while.

  1. Gorgeous site, congratulations. So happy to see you here and I’m looking forward to your work & impact on the world!

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